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1How long does it take us to see results?

Our websites start to see an increased traffic flow very quickly, and will start to see their Google listing on the first page within 3 Months, although this normally happens quicker.

2Will Organic SEO affect my site in a negative way?

Absolutely not. Our Organic SEO is not 100% Search Engine Safe and Blacklist safe, but will only help your website and business to grow in a positive way.

3Am I tied into a Yearly contract?

Simply, No. We don’t like the idea of our clients feeling as though they are in a contract they can’t get out of. our paperwork is a rolling monthly contract, which includes a 30 day “get out” clause. we’re proud to say that we have never had a client leave us!

4Is it just Google that you SEO our site for?

We SEO our website primarily for Google, as 90% of people use it as their main search engine. There are actually thousands of search engines out there. We submit your website through our programs, which will automatically and gradually input your website to those not-so-popular search engines out there giving you a better chance of being found.

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